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Android App : ezFind  Free 

It is always a challenge when we are in a new place. The environment is new, and so it gets difficult to locate certain facilities, that are important to our daily activities. Hotels, Banks, ATMs, Malls, Theatres, Hospitals, Schools and many more facilities are difficult to locate, unless we ask some passerby. To overcome this difficulty, this Android App is a real pocket diary in you Mobile, and the UI has been designed the way that is so much userfriedly, and you just need to invoke this App to find all such facilities.

EzFind just helps you locate places of importance around your current location, draws up the route, from your current location, computes the distance and estimated time to reach the destination. It also provides a rating wherever applicable.

Download ezFind from Google Playstore, and find places around your location with so much ease.

Here are the screenshots of how you will be seeing on your Mobile/Ipad, the app ezFind

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